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Arabic & Turkish Channels


We have the largest and greatest selection of ethnic channels that range between Arabic, Turkish, Iranian, Kurdish, African, Pakistani, Indian, and Afghani.

With over 1400+ channels provided in HIGH QUALITY PICTURE including High Definition channels, with no doubt, we are the leader in the IPTV industry.
Most of our channels are similar to the channels found on Nilesat, Arabsat Hotbird, Turksat, and Eutelsat.


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Language Arabic Turkish Iranian Kurdish African Pakistani Indian Afghani
# of Channels
755 469 90 61 26 26 31 13
For a Channel list, click the above language you prefer, Last Updated Feb 25, 2014
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Benefits of using our IPTV service over the competition
We're confident that we have something for you, no matter what you like to watch Even if you like watching the local channels for arab countries, we offer local channels for
No complicated plans News Palestine
No changes in your subscription fees Religion Lebanon
No contracts Kids Egypt
No dish Sports Libya
No cancellation fee Movies Syria
No programming Series Iraq
No computer needed TV shows Qatar
Largest channel selection available in the arab IPTV market worldwide Geography Morocco
Many premium channels you can watch Discovery Sudan
As simple as one plan, and one optional addon Culture Somalia
Easy to install, no need for an installer Comedy Kuwait
Activations done in the same day, no waiting time Life Saudi Arabia
Amazing HD picture quality Foods Yemen
Excellent customer service Music United Arab Emirates
Flexibility to take it anywhere in the world, as long as you have a high speed internet connection Talk Shows Jordan
and more... and more... and more...



  • TV = Any TV will work, but preferrably HD to get the better picture quality.
  • Internet Connection = Must be High-Speed Internet with a minimum of 2mbps bandwidth speed, which is easily achievable in almost every country in the world.



  • XTV-125 Reciever = $225 + tax.
  • ATN-3000 Wifi Reciever = $290 + tax.
  • Monthly Subscription = $35 / month.
  • 3 Months Subscription = $105 / month
  • Local Basic Installations (optional) = $55 flat fee (upto 40 min).
  • Local Advanced Installations (optional) = $55 for the first 40 min, then $85 per hour + cost of cables & accessories.
  • Original ATN Remote Control = $35 each.
  • Aftermarket Universal Learning Remote = $50 each. You can program 3 more devices like a TV, DVD, VCR, or Stereo System.
    ** $15 Flat Rate Shipping to anywhere in Canada. Any other countries must contact us with their full address, so we can calculate exact shipping fees.
    ** Metro Computers, ATN and any of it's partners are not responsible for any customs, taxes, duties, brokerage fees or any such extra fees; customer is fully responsible to cover all such fees involved.
    ** If shipment returns to our warehouse because of customers' failure to receive it, customer will be charged a $30 flat-fee for re-prossessing the shipment, to cover loss of shipping fees & handling. New shipment will not be sent until first (returned) package arrives at our warehouse.

Optional Accessories:

  • Power-Line Adapter = If your router is far from where your TV is, you will need this device which will connect your receiver to the internet regardless of how far the router is from the receiver, as long as it's in the same house/apartment.
  • Composite A/V cable = Our receiver comes with HDMI cable to provide the best picture quality, but if your TV is an older one (CRT),  you will need to use a composite A/V cable.
  • Wireless Audio - Video - Remote Transmitter = If you plan to display the picture to 2 or more seperate TVs, you will need to use an audio/video sender/receiver kit, it will allow you to broadcast the audio/video from the receiver to the seperate TVs wirelessly, including using the remote control beside the other TVs wirelessly; the only disadvantage is that all the TVs will not be able to view different channels at the same time.
  • Wireless Remote Extender = If your couch is far from the receiver, and the remote doesnt reach, you can get a remote extender, which will extend the distance for your remote upto 100ft.
  • Original Remote Control = Did you lose your remote? or did it stop working? or did your kid throw it from the 14th floor balcony? we carry original remote controls.
  • Aftermarket Universal Remote Control = Do you prefer having one remote for all your common devices including our receiver? we carry different makes and models of remotes.
  • Cat 5e - RJ45 - Network - Ethernet Cable = We have rolls of thousands of feet of ethernet cable, if you need a long cable to connect to the router, we're sure we can make it for you.


To purchase a receiver and/or accessories, please visit our retail store or our NEW online store https://metrostore.ca or you may contact us during business hours.

ATN subscription terms: customer is responsible for all required subscription payments. cash/debit/credit card can be accepted for one-time subscriptions. only credit cards can be accepted for monthly recurring subscriptions. new receiver purchases will carry a 7-day return full money back, and upto 30-days 70% money back. one-time subscriptions are none refundable once activated. 14-day notice is required for all cancellations for all monthly and quarterly recurring subscriptions, if billing cycle is occurring before the 14-day grace period, subscription will automatically be charged on billing cycle and will be removed on the cycle of the following month. no re-activation fee will be charged on accounts inactive with zero balance. accounts with overdue balance will be charged a late fee, account will be suspended and receiver will be locked, clearing account balance would be the only available option to reactivate the account. for more details, please contact us.

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